Welcome to SpagoBI

SpagoBI is the only entirely Open Source Business Intelligence suite. It covers all the analytical areas of Business Intelligence projects, with innovative themes and engines.

If this is your first contact with SpagoBI, it is highly recommended to have a look at the SpagoBI site and at the online demo.

SpagoBI takes part in the FIWARE community, being the reference implementation of the Data Visualization GE.

The documentation available on Read the Docs provides Admin manual and developers' guide describing specific topics about SpagoBI in the FIWARE context (i.e. how to install it and how to integrate it with other FIWARE components, such as IdM, Orion Context Broker, CKAN, ...). Other manuals and tutorials are available in the SpagoBI wiki that describes SpagoBI as a standalone project and provides documentation about all its BI tools and engines.

SpagoBI source code repository is available on GitHub: visit its repository home page.